# General

The PhotosynQ Mobile Application allows you to contribute to Projects and run individual Protocols. It requires a PhotosynQ account and an internet connection when signing in and synchronizing content with the PhotosynQ cloud.

# Internet connection

An internet connection is required when starting the app, to sign in and to synchronize Projects, Protocols and Instrument information. Measurements taken for a Project can be cached and uploaded later so they can be collected in areas without an internet connection (see Measurements).

The app will use mobile data for the internet connection which might lead to additional charges based on your mobile data plan. Make sure to check the WiFi only option in the apps settings menu.

# Energy Saving

The app is preventing the mobile device from going to sleep, in order to allow longer Measurements without loosing the Bluetooth connection. This might drain the phone battery faster, but is necessary to ensure the proper communication and prevent data loss.

# Bluetooth Connection

The Application uses Bluetooth communication to send and receive data from Instruments like the MultispeQ. The code used for pairing the Instrument is 1234. After pairing, you will find the Instrument in the list of available Connections. Since the Bluetooth connection is a little bit slower than the cable connection, it might take a second or two longer to establish a connection.