# MultispeQ v1.0


The MultispeQ v1.0 has been discontinued. Please see the improved version MultispeQ v2.0. In general the Getting Started section from MultispeQ v2.0 applies to the v1.0 too.

# Configuration

MultispeQ v1.0 measurements
Body Measurements
Size 224.2 mm x 53.6 mm x 56.6 mm (l, w, h)
Total Weight 340 g (incl. battery)
Light Guide Surface 8 mm x 8 mm (64 mm²)
Leaf Clamp Opening 13 mm
Safety Ring for leash
Updates Firmware updates through Applications

# Lights

There are sets of five LEDs each on the main body and the leaf clamp.

# Main Body

# Emission Peak Model Specifications
1 530nm LED (green), Lumileds, LXZ1-PM01 view(opens new window)
2 655nm LED (red), Lumileds, LXZ1-PA01 view(opens new window)
3 590nm LED (amber), Lumileds, LXZ1-PL01 view(opens new window)
4 448nm LED (blue), Lumileds, LXZ1-PR01 view(opens new window)
5 950nm LED (NIR), OSRAM, SFH 4441 view(opens new window)

# Leaf Clamp

# Emission Peak Model Specifications
6 950nm LED (NIR), OSRAM, SFH 4441 view(opens new window)
7 655nm LED (red), Lumileds, LXZ1-PA01 view(opens new window)
8 850nm LED (NIR), OSRAM, SFH 4451 view(opens new window)
9 730nm LED (far red), Everlight, ELSH-Q61F1-0LPNM-JF3F8 view(opens new window)
10 880nm LED (NIR), Kingbright, APTD3216SF4C view(opens new window)

# Emission Spectra for LEDs

Emission spectra for LEDs build in the MultispeQ v1.0 - Emission normalized to maximum emission peak

# Detectors

The MultispeQ v1.0 comes with two detectors. One covering the near infrared on the main body, the other covering the visual range on the leaf clamp.

# Detection Range Model Specifications
1 700nm - 1150nm Hamamatsu, S6775-01 (main body) view(opens new window)
3* 400nm - 700nm Hamamatsu, S6775 (leaf clamp) view(opens new window)


The detector 3 is covered with a BG-18 bandpass filter with a center wavelength around 493 nm. If you are using the detector to detect signals on the edges of the detection range, expect the signal strength to be low.

# Sensors

The MultispeQ v1.0 has a set of sensors to measure the environmental parameters.

Sensor Model Specifications
Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Pressure (2x) BOSCH, BME280 view(opens new window)
Contactless Temperature Melexis, MLX90615SSG-DAG-000-TU view(opens new window)
Accelerometer Freescale, MMA8653FCR1 view(opens new window)
Magnetometer Freescale, MAG3110FCR1 view(opens new window)
Hall Effect Sensor TT Electronics, OHS3150U view(opens new window)
PAR light sensor AMS-TAOS USA, TCS34715FN + 700nm low pass filter view(opens new window)

# Filters

The MultispeQ v1.0 has two filters, a Band Pass filter covering the visible light detector (#3) and a Low Pass filter used in the PAR sensor.

Filter Model Specifications
Band Pass Schott, BG-18 1mm thickness view(opens new window)
Low Pass UQC Optics, Hot Mirror HM-07 view(opens new window)

# Battery

The MultispeQ v1.0 has a Li-ion battery which can be charged through the micro USB port.

Battery Model Specifications
Main Soshine Li-ion 26650 Protected Battery: 5500mAh 3.7V view(opens new window)

# References

Kuhlgert, S., Austic, G., Zegarac, R. Osei-Bonsu, I.,Hoh, D., Chilvers, M. I., et al. (2016). MultispeQ Beta: a tool for large-scale plant phenotyping connected to the open PhotosynQ network. R. Soc. Open Sci. 3, 160592. doi:10.1098/rsos.160592(opens new window) .