# Sensors

Instruments can have a set of sensors to capture information about the environment and to supplement measurements. This set of sensors can differ between instruments. Find the configuration of your instrument and the available sensors under InstrumentsInstrument configuration (e.g. MultispeQ v2.0).


The light detectors used together with LEDs to perform spectroscopic measurements are not listed here. Please find them in the chapter about Detectors.

# Add a Sensor

When writing a protocol, the sensors that are supposed to be included into a measurement go into the array of environmentals. Each sensor is added in the array notation. The first element of each array is the sensor name, the following ones are additional parameters for using the sensor.

    "environmentals": [
        [ "sensor A" ],
        [ "sensor B" ],

# Sensor Commands

Command Data Returned
light_intensity Light intensity in µmol photons × s⁻¹ × m⁻² (PAR)
previous_light_intensity Light intensity from previous measurement (only in _protocols_set_)
temperature_humidity_pressure Temperature (℃), rel. humidity (%), barometric pressure (mbar) - (sensor #1)
temperature_humidity_pressure2 Temperature (℃), rel. humidity (%), barometric pressure (mbar) - (sensor #2)
contactless_temp Contactless Temperature (℃)
thickness Thickness (µm - microns)
thickness_raw Thickness (raw values)
compass_and_angle Roll, pitch, angle and cardinal direction
Protocol Editor, environmental sensors

The sensor commands are available in the protocol editor when an instrument is connected. Just select More from the sidebar and then Instrument to bring up a list of lights, detectors and sensors available for that instrument. Double click the sensor you would like to use and the command gets inserted into the code at the cursor position.

# Calibration

Not all sensors in PhotosynQ instruments need to be recalibrated like the contactless temperature sensor. They come factory calibrated. In case they do require re-calibration, like the PAR sensor, you will find instructions under Instrument Calibrations.

Sensor Acclimation

Sensors like the temperature, rel. humidity and barometric pressure sensor need to acclimate to provide the correct ambient measurements. So when taking the instrument into an environment that is very different from the one it was stored in, make sure to provide an appropriate amount of time for acclimation.