# PhotosynQ Glossary

To help you getting started, here is a list of commonly used terms to help you to familiarize yourself with PhotosynQ.

Term Definition
App Program that can be installed on a Device.
Contribution Measurements taken for a Project and submitted to PhotosynQ.
Device On PhotosynQ, computers, phones and tablets are generally called Devices.
Discussion Projects, Protocols and Macros have a discussion section, to facilitate the easy exchange of ideas between users.
Discussion Post In a discussion, every comment, question or shared image is called Post.
Discussion Thread In Projects, Discussions can have multiple Topics or Threads. Protocols and Macros only have one Thread.
Firmware The software installed on an Instrument.
Flag Some measurements might be of low quality, so they can be flagged. Flagged data is hidden during analysis but is NOT deleted from the Project.
Instrument Equipment that connects to Apps and are used to take Measurements (e.g. the MultispeQ).
Macro Macros are small pieces of code connected to a Protocol to help in analyzing the measurement right after it is finished.
Project Measurements collected on PhotosynQ are organized and stored in Projects. Users can define Protocols and Project Questions for each Project.
Project Administrator Project Administrators get invited by a Project Lead to help manage the Project and take measurements.
Project Collaborator Project Collaborators join Projects or get invited by a Project Lead or Administrator to take measurements.
Project Data Viewer A web app that allows users to filter, visualize and map their data online.
Project Lead The Project Lead is the person who initially creates a Project. Also, the Project Lead invites Administrators and Collaborators.
Project Questions Answering these Questions before every measurement improves the analysis and documentation of each contribution.
Protocol Protocols are instructions for an Instrument on how to conduct a measurement.
Series (Data Viewer) Measurements can be grouped into Series by using the answers to the Project Questions.
Synchronize (or Sync) Apps need to synchronize with PhotosynQ to provide you up to date Projects, Protocols and Macros.
Thresholds (Data Viewer) For measured parameters Thresholds can be set to see a specific range of values.