# General

PhotosynQ offers besides the Community Edition an Enterprise Edition of the platform, that allows you to safely store your experimental data on your own server. Enterprise Users have no access to the community edition by default and would have to create a separate account for the Community Edition.


Find out more about the Enterprise Edition on https://photosynq.com (opens new window).

# Community vs. Enterprise

When using the Enterprise Edition, any data, including Projects, Measurements, Protocols, Macros and Users can only be accessed when signed in. New users can only be added through the Administration account (see below).

There are also separate applications for the Enterprise Edition, for both Desktop and Mobile. Find instructions on where to download and how to install them here.

When using the Enterprise Edition you will have an an administration (admin) account, that will allow access the settings and administration pages for their cloud. From there you will be able to access and manage data regarding users, measurements, macros, projects, protocols, and more.